Where To Plug In SATA Cable on Motherboard?

Are you struggling to see where you can link the SATA cable? It really is a typical and dangerous question. Because in the event that you link the cable towards the incorrect slot, it may harm the product or the cable. But don’t stress, there was a simple fix.Quick AnswerFirst, you will have to open the Computer. Then, find the motherboard. As soon as here, evaluate the

type of SATA cable and SATA ports

present. After determining which slot to utilize, just take the SATA cable and insert it in to the particular slot. Near the PC, along with your Computer will immediately identify the storage space unit following the Computer is fired up.The cable regarding the PSU is normally an L-shaped cable

. If that’s not here, you need to use a

Molex cable which will require a Molex-SATA converter for connection.In this website, we shall talk about in more detail just how to place a SATA cable, exactly what a SATA cable seems like to aid in effortless recognition, and exactly what these cables are.

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