Where To Plug In SATA Cable on Motherboard?

SATA cable motherboard

What’s a SATA Cable?

How In order to connect the SATA Cable

Step number 1: start the PCStep # 2: Identify the CablesSATA information Port and Cable

SATA energy Port and CableStep no. 3: result in the ConnectionStep # 4: Close the PCConclusionFrequently expected concernsWhat Is a SATA Cable?Serial Advanced Technology Attachment cables or SATA

are unique cables you can make use of for connecting a storage unit to your motherboard. 

The storage space products are a

  1. hard drive
  2. , an
    • optical drive
    • , or a
      • solid-state drive
      • . Being fairly brand new, the exciting benefit of the SATA cables is, in certain circumstances, they may be eliminated or connected even if the computer is operating. 
    • Tip
    • Mainly, you will discover two SATA cables; the
  3. SATA power cable
  4. and also the

SATA information cable

. Their functions are exactly the same as their names recommend; the SATA energy cable accounts for providing energy although the SATA information cable can be used to move data.How In order to connect the SATA Cable

There are four actions to linking the SATA cable. Let’s discuss them in more detail one after the other.Step # 1: start the PCTurn off your PC.Open the side panel of this Computer.

You may require a screwdriver.

Place the storage space drive near a clear area inside the situation.Step no. 2: Identify the CablesThe alternative is always to start to see the slot in the storage space unit, which will surely help you place the suitable cable to the particular slot. 

Usually, you will find

two ports

in virtually any storage space device, contained in an L-shape

  1. . One is for the
  2. data port, even though the other is for the power port. A standard distinction between the 2 could be the slot lengths.
  3. You can recognize them through the next traits.

SATA Information Port and Cable

SATA information slot has seven pins.

SATA information slot is shorter in total.SATA information cable is a single, flat, and thick cable


SATA Energy Port and Cable

  • SATA energy slot has fifteen pins.
  • SATA information slot is longer.
  • SATA energy cable has five wires which might be colored or black colored.You additionally needs to check out the variety of cable within the power. Either an L-shaped cable

can come from the

  • PSU or a Molex cable
  • . When it is the latter, you will require a Molex-SATA connector
  • TipIf you simply cannot find a SATA energy slot in the storage space unit, it’s going to many likely relate solely to a Molex cable.Step no. 3: result in the ConnectionThis is considered the most simple action. All you’ve got to do is align the L-shaped cable with all the slot and insert the cable

to the slot. The cable is only going to get in one single method, therefore if it isn’t moving in, you simply have to invert it as soon as. Step # 4: Close the PCOnce you have got linked the cables, close the actual situation. Then, tighten up the screws back to the holes (if any). Power up your computer, then a fresh storage space unit may be detected.


SATA cables help link storage space products towards the PC’s motherboard. You possibly can make any connection within minutes knowing the essential difference between the 2 SATA cables and their particular ports. Develop which our weblog surely could make suggestions through a streamlined procedure. 

Frequently expected concerns

What’s the difference between SATA energy and Molex energy?Molex is an old technology

employed for the exact same situation whilst the SATA energy cables. But, a Molex has just

four wiresandfour pins in the slot, so when for the SATA energy, it’s fifteen pins and five wiresCan i take advantage of a SATA cable on a pc that doesn’t have actually a SATA connection slot?

No, you simply cannot. In order to connect from a SATA cable to a PC without any SATA slot, you’ll need a

SATA to eSATA adaptor

Are PATA and SATA similar?

No, they’ve been various. PATA ended up being the older as a type of cable used within the older PCs. That they had 40 pins on the connector and might maybe not move information at a far more significant speed.

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Are you struggling to see where you should link the SATA cable? It really is a typical and dangerous question. Because in the event that you link the cable to your incorrect slot, it may harm the product or the cable. But don’t stress, there clearly was a straightforward fix.Quick AnswerFirst, you will have to start the Computer. Then, find the motherboard. As soon as here, evaluate the

type of SATA cable and SATA ports

present. After distinguishing which slot to utilize, just take the SATA cable and insert it to the particular slot. Near the PC, as well as your Computer will immediately identify the storage space unit following the Computer is fired up.The cable in the PSU is normally an L-shaped cable

. If that’s not here, you can make use of a

Molex cable that may require a Molex-SATA converter for connection.In this website, we’ll talk about in more detail just how to place a SATA cable, exactly what a SATA cable appears like to simply help in effortless recognition, and exactly what these cables are.

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