Why Are My Apps Invisible on iPhone? (& How to Recover)

With all of its updates, Apple has taken effective features to enhance the performance of its iPhone lineup to improve the consumer experience. Nevertheless, users have actually reported disappearance of apps, specially after a fresh iPhone pc software enhance.

Quick Answer

To recuperate hidden apps on an iPhone, restart your unit, enable disabled apps from Settings, disable the “Offload Unused Apps” choice, restore apps utilising the title search package, and totally free some storage area. 

It will get difficult if you wish to make use of an app and cannot think it is on your own phone even although you downloaded it. We’ll discuss why apps become hidden on iPhone and exactly how you’ll resolve this issue with your step by step directions.

Dining table of articles

  1. Why Have Apps Disappeared on My iPhone?
  2. Recovering Hidden Apps on iPhone
    • Method # 1: Restart iPhone
    • Method # 2: Enable Invisible Apps 
    • Method number 3: Disable Offload Unused Apps Option
    • Method number 4: correct Apps making use of Name Research Box
  3. Freeing Up iPhone Storage
  4. Summary
  5. Frequently expected concerns

Why Have Apps Disappeared on My iPhone?

There is no definite description for the apps becoming hidden on your own iPhone. Nevertheless, a couple of feasible reasons include the next.

  • Your iPhone does not have storage room.
  • You have a launcher which has set apps become concealed.
  • A new update may have deleted all outdated apps.
  • A brand new enhance may have enabled the “Offload Unused Apps” choice under iPhone settings.
  • A restrictions feature happens to be enabled for several apps.
  • Apps might have immediately uninstalled during an update because of backup failure.

Recovering Hidden Apps on iPhone

You can recover hidden apps on your own iPhone by attempting and testing a few procedures. We’ll ensure that our step by step directions will allow you to undergo each procedure efficiently.

We’ll also discuss freeing some room on iPhone to regain use of the disappeared apps. Here you will find the 4 ways to get hidden apps straight back on iPhone.

Method number 1: Restart iPhone

You could be experiencing a temporary computer software glitch because of which apps have grown to be hidden on your own iPhone. Therefore, 1st technique you need to follow is reboot, soft reset, or restart your iPhone.

  1. Press either the volume button or the side button and hold it before the power-off slider seems.
  2. Swipe the slider to switch off your phone and watch for at the least 30 moments.
  3. Press and support the part key before the Apple logo design seems while the iPhone turns right back on.
  4. Check in the event that disappeared apps are back on your own phone.

Method # 2: Enable Invisible Apps 

Few built-in apps on iPhone, including Camera, CarPlay, Wallet, Safari, and FaceTime, may become concealed as a result of the phone’s “Content & Privacy limitations” choice. To correct the matter, do these actions.

  1. Open your Home Screen and faucet on Settings.
  2. Navigate to Screen Time > Content & Privacy Restrictions.
  3. Enter the Screen Time passcode
  4. Scroll and faucet on “Allowed Apps“.
  5. The apps that aren’t showing green were disabled.
  6. Toggle the switch beside the hidden apps make it possible for them.
  7. Go back once again to the Home Screen to test in the event that hidden apps are now actually noticeable.

Method number 3: Disable Offload Unused Apps Option

You may have enabled the “Offload Unused Apps” choice manually, or it was immediately enabled because of an iOS change, evoking the apps to fade away. This is how to disable the choice.

  1. Turn on or unlock your Home Screen and faucet on Settings.
  2. Scroll and faucet on App Store and head to your “Offload Unused Apps” section.
  3. If the switch indicator is green, the function is active; toggle the switch to make it down.


You will never be in a position to recover hidden apps by simply offloading unused apps. Therefore, you will need to either manually reinstall the apps or restore them through iCloud or iTunes.

Method number 4: correct Apps making use of Name Research Box

If a recently available enhance has deleted your software, reinstall it utilising the Name Search box through the App Store.

  1. Turn on your own Home Screen and then click regarding the App store.
  2. Type the title for the software hidden within the search box.
  3. Wait for a couple moments for the display screen to load results.
  4. Click on your desired application and faucet on “Get” to down load the software once again.
  5. If asked, enter the Apple ID & password to verify.

Freeing Up iPhone storage space

If your iPhone storage space is loaded, you may possibly see your apps disappear through the list. To correct it and recover hidden apps, totally free some room by deleting additional pictures, videos, or undesired apps.


In this guide about “why are my apps hidden on iPhone,” we shared the causes for the apps vanishing and talked about methods you should use to recoup them. We additionally talked about clearing up some room on your own iPhone to eliminate the matter.

We hope this 1 of this techniques struggled to obtain you, now it is possible to access your entire apps on your own iPhone.

Frequently Expected concerns

How do we conceal apps on Samsung phones?

To hide apps on Samsung phones, follow these actions.

1. Start your app cabinet and then click regarding the three dots within the top right.
2. Open Settings and choose the “Hide apps“.
3. Go through the software you wish to hide.
4. Verify through the “Apply” switch or press “Done“.

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