Why Are My AirPods Flashing Red?

  1. Why Are Your AirPods Flashing Red?
    • Reason # 1: Pairing Error
    • Reason number 2: minimal Battery
    • Reason # 3: Error Storing AirPods
    • Reason # 4: Outdated Firmware
  2. Summary

Why Are Your AirPods Flashing Red?

You might see a red light on your own AirPods for many reasons.

Quick Fact

First-Gen AirPods have the status light present in the within the instance. Meanwhile, in most the other generations, the status light exists outside.

Reason number 1: Pairing Error

There’s some pairing mistake if you notice a flashing amber or red light on your own AirPods instance. You don’t need certainly to concern yourself with this because it’s pretty an easy task to fix. All you’ve got to complete is reset the AirPods. 

To do this, right here’s everything you want to do.

  1. Put the earpieces back the truth and close the lid. After about 30 moments, start the lid but don’t remove the AirPods yet. 
  2. Unlock your phone and head to Settings > “Bluetooth”
  3. Under “My Devices”, find your AirPods
  4. Tap in the info (“i”) icon next to the title of your AirPods and faucet “Forget This Device”. Tap “Forget unit” again to ensure.
  5. Long-press the key at the rear of the truth to disconnect the AirPods from all products. When you see a white light on your own instance, you’ll have actually to follow along with the setup wizard in order to connect them once more.
  6. If you nevertheless see a flashing red light, it is easier to simply take your AirPods to your Apple shop.   

Reason # 2: minimal Battery

The battery pack is low in case the AirPods’ case has a consistent red or amber light. This might be the battery pack associated with instance it self or the earpieces, and you will quickly find out what type its. 

A red light in the instance if the AirPods are perhaps not inside means you’ll want to charge the actual situation. You may get at most of the yet another cost through the instance during this period before it totally operates away from juice.

But if you notice an amber or red light in the AirPods instance even though the earpieces are in, this means that the battery pack for the AirPods is low and that they’re currently being charged. It’s most readily useful in the event that you don’t remove them until they’re completely charged while the amber light turns green. 

If you see an amber or red light once you plug the truth in, that simply means your case is charging you. In cases like this, too, it is better in the event that you leave the scenario plugged in before the red/amber light modifications to green.

Reason # 3: Error Storing AirPods

You may also see a red light on your own AirPods due to mismatched earpieces. As an example, you may mix the AirPods’ orientation while saving them or unintentionally exchange your AirPods or the truth with another person. The latter’s it’s likely that suprisingly low, however it can nevertheless take place.

And to repair this, you simply have to get your situation or AirPods back, and also the red light will disappear. 

Reason # 4: Outdated Firmware

Apple services and products hardly ever have actually problems, nonetheless they might appear in the event that you don’t keep your AirPods as much as date. One particular glitch is the AirPods flashing red. To avoid this from taking place, simply make sure that you keep your AirPods as much as date, and you also won’t need certainly to encounter any performance problems or insects. 


The status lights on your own AirPods may be pretty helpful simply because they will allow you to realize what’s going in with them. If this status light turns red, you don’t want to panic. Generally in most instances, it is since the battery pack associated with instance or the AirPods is low or there’s a pairing mistake. Both these issues are easier than you think to fix, so there’s absolutely nothing you must be worried about.  

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