Why Are My Messages Sending Green to Another iPhone?

iPhone Message screen

Most individuals believe if their iPhone is giving green communications, the communications are increasingly being provided for a tool that Apple doesn’t make. Because this is often the situation, it may be a shock whenever your iPhone delivers a green message to some other iPhone.

Quick Solution

If your iPhone communications are giving green, these are typically delivering as MMS/SMS in place of as iMessages. This might take place if iMessage is switched off on either your phone or the iPhone getting the message or if iMessage is unavailable for a short-term period of time on either phone.

The remainder of the article will show you more about why these green communications happen, just what they suggest, and exactly how to repair them. Let’s enter into it!

  1. How Do we Make My Messages Stop Sending Green?
    • Turn iMessage right back On
    • Send communications From Your Email
    • Turn Off “Send As SMS”
    • Have The Recipient Check Their iPhone
  2. Conclusion

How Do we Make My Messages Stop Sending Green?

There are a few answers to making your communications stop sending green, also it is dependent on what is causing them to take action in the 1st destination. You may need to turn iMessage straight back on, send communications strictly from your own e-mail, switch off the possibility to “send as SMS”, or make sure that the person you’re giving a message to has iMessage enabled on their phone. 

Turn iMessage Back On

If iMessage has somehow switched off on your own unit, communications will need to automatically “send as” MMS/SMS while there is no chance to deliver through iMessage whenever it’s down. Fortunately, turning iMessage right back on is pretty simple and easy shouldn’t simply take an excessive amount of your own time. 

  1. Go to “Settings”.
  2. Click on “Messages”.
  3. Look during the button close to “iMessage”. It ought to be green with a circle regarding the right. If it is perhaps not, simply click onto it.
  4. whenever the key is green with a circle regarding the right, iMessage happens to be fired up.

If pay a visit to turn iMessage straight back on but realize that it absolutely was currently on to begin with, you can test switching it well then on once again by pressing the key twice. If this does not work, you can test one of many other solutions below.

Send Communications from your own Email

Having an iPhone implies that it is simple to deliver communications from your e-mail in place of from your own phone number. SMS texts can’t be delivered if you utilize your e-mail, and this is a straightforward fix. Here’s exactly how you are doing it:

  1. Go to “Settings”.
  2. Click on “Messages”.
  3. Go to “Send and Receive”.
  4. Make yes there is certainly a check close to your telephone number and email under “You Can Accept From”.
  5. Make yes there clearly was a check close to just your e-mail under “Start Brand New Conversations From”.

Turn Off “Send As SMS”

When iMessage isn’t working, your iPhone will immediately deliver communications as SMS if that environment is turned on. In the event that you turn this leaving, the telephone won’t send SMS messages (that are green) any longer. This is how to do so:

  1. Go to “Settings”.
  2. Click on “Messages”.
  3. Scroll down in order to find the “Send as SMS” button. 
  4. The key must be gray with a circle regarding the right (to show it’s off). If it is perhaps not, click on the switch to show from the SMS choice.

After you turn off this option, your iPhone won’t be able to send messages as SMS if iMessage isn’t working. Ideally, this fixes your condition with green communications. Or even, the issue most likely lies aided by the recipient’s phone.

Have The Recipient Check Their iPhone

If you’ve tried one other solutions above as well as your iMessages continue to be giving green, you should check to see in the event that receiver has their iMessage on. If one iPhone doesn’t have iMessage on, it may result in the other phone deliver green messages or the text(s) to go through.

This is why checking with all the individual you might be messaging might help resolve this problem. When they switch on their iMessages and turn fully off their automated SMS texts, it will resolve the issue of this green texts on both ends.


It is not always harmful to your communications to deliver green. For instance, if you’re texting a tool that is not an Apple unit, the texts will need to deliver green so that you can undergo. But, it becomes a problem whenever your texts are delivered as SMS because this may run you money.

iMessages are liberated to deliver when you want, however, if iMessage isn’t working, you may deliver communications by MMS or SMS. In such a circumstance, it’s going to undergo your mobile provider’s community, and you’ll probably wind up spending cash for the people texts.

The great news is the fact that SMS communications are often really cheap. An average of, the initial 500,000 SMS communications you receive and send is only going to price about $0.0075. As you care able to see, this will be a tremendously little amount to pay for, nonetheless it could be more high priced according to whom your mobile provider is.

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