Why Are Some Contacts Blue on Android?

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Overview of deep Communication provider (RCS)

What Are the key distinctions Between RCS, MMS, and SMS?

How To stimulate the Blue Dot Feature on your own Android os Phone

How Does RCS Change Messaging


Frequently expected concerns

  1. Overview of deep Communication provider (RCS)
  2. As we’ve established, the
  3. blue dot at the conclusion of a contact name
  4. demonstrates anyone is making use of an
  5. RCS-capable phone
  6. . Typically, RCS provides a messaging experience

similar to social networking apps

like WhatsApp, Twitter, WeChat, and iMessage without the necessity to down load a third-party app.The distinction between RCS and these social networking apps is the fact that RCS infrastructure is built into the phone. You don’t have to download any third-party app, indication into individual records or ask buddies to communicate. it is merely typing and sending.RCS offers typing

indicators, read receipts, and enhanced media sharing

ability like other social networking apps. But, to deliver or get deep Communication Service (RCS) communications, you together with individual you’re messaging have to have RCS suitable phones. Should your phone is RCS capable, but your contact’s phone is not, the message defaults towards the regular MMS or SMS standard.What Will be the principal differences when considering RCS, MMS, and SMS?Below are facets showing why deep correspondence Service (RCS) sticks out compared to SMS or MMS.Unlike typical communications, RCS messages aren’t limited by 160


You can sharehigher-resolution pictures

  • with RCS than with SMS.RCS has typing indicator
  • and reads receipt features like WhatsApp or iMessage.RCS has a
  • location-sharing feature.You can brand your message and in addition
  • verify message senders on RCS.You can share and get
  • large structure files and papers with RCS. RCS integrates action buttons into communications for a
  • better consumer experience.How To Activate the Blue Dot Feature on your own Android os Phone
  • Follow the steps below to test and trigger the RCS function in your phone.Click on your own phone’s “Messaging” app.On the

top-right corner

of the display, you will find

  1. three vertical dots. Click them.Scroll
  2. towards the “Settings” tab then, faucet about it.Select “Chat Features”
  3. or “Chat Settings” according to your Android os version
  4. .Slide the toggle next to “Enable Chat Features” from “Off” to “On”.After Activating RCS, it is possible to deliver communications making use of mobile information or Wi-Fi with all the RCS texting function. This solution also
  5. inform you whenever another RCS-capable phone is typing, if they add individuals to team chats when they read your messages. You can even deliver longer texting

and high-quality videos and pictures.To deactivate the blue dot from your own phone:Open your phone’s “Messaging” app.

Tap in the three dots during the

  1. top-right part of your screen.Scroll to
  2. “Settings”.Select the “Chat Features” or the
  3. “Chat Settings” option.Slide the toggle next to
  4. “Enable Chat Features” from “On” to “Off”.Next, faucet on
  5. “Default Message Type”.Select “MMS” or
  6. “SMS”.How Does RCS Change Messaging
  7. RCS may take your customer interaction to another level in the event that you usually utilize texting, specifically for company. First, you can fragment your visitors into

targeted teams

and share certain information without fretting about reaching each one of these separately.Additionally, you may make texting engaging by branding texts with custom color pallets, including your business logo design along with other icons

, and together with your company target. You can even enhance consumer experience by making use of RCS’s customized calendar and schedulingintegrations plus the payment or invoicing integration.Overall, it is possible to achieve customers faster without compromising your business’s branding image.Summary As you’ve discovered, the blue dot close to a few of your contact names shows anyone is making use of an RCS-capable phone. RCS provides interactive texting features much like social networking apps like WhatsApp and Twitter. Should your phone has RCS capability, you need to use these features to share with you high-resolution pictures and videos and message other folks with RCS-capable phones.The most useful news is you don’t have to install any third-party application to complete it. It’s all integrated into your old-fashioned texting app.Frequently Expected concernsCan I message connections with a Blue Dot on the contact names?

The blue dot suggests that the contact utilizes an RCS-capable phone. Should your Android os phone comes with RCS infrastructure, you need to use RCS chat features to keep in touch with other people. If you don’t, your texting can look within the regular SMS or MMS structure.

How Is deep Communication Service (RCS) not the same as SMS or MMS?

RCS includes various messaging features like typing and receipt indicators, movie calling, and team talk in to the indigenous texting application. These features aren’t for sale in the standard SMS or MMS text structure.

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You could have noticed a blue dot or circle appearing close to a few of your contact names. In the event that you wonder exactly what this blue dot means, this implies which of one’s associates have actually RCS-capable phones. Deep Communication Service (RCS) is a comparatively brand new form of standard texting that enables easier and faster sharing of data, videos, and greater quality pictures through the messaging app.

Unlike the normal texting application, messaging with an RCS-enabled phone permits for a far more actionable, interactive, and enjoyable conversational experience.

Quick response

Android phones with RCS infrastructure have actually extra features that regular SMS and MMS texts don’t have.

Next, we look into the distinctions between RCS, MMS, and MMS and exactly how make it possible for your phone’s RCS feature.

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