Why Can’t I Post on Instagram?

  1. How To Fix difficulties with Posting on Instagram
    • Tip number 1: Reboot Your unit
    • Tip # 2: lessen the File Size
    • Tip # 3: always check Your Internet Connection
    • Tip # 4: Uninstall and Reinstall the App
    • Tip number 5: Change Data Settings
    • Tip # 6: Clear the Cache 
    • Tip # 7: eliminate Third-Party Apps
    • Tip #8: totally free Up Device storage space
  2. Conclusion 

How To Fix difficulties with Posting on Instagram

If the Instagram application or internet variation just isn’t letting you upload, maybe it’s one of the most significant things. It may be an immediate problem with all the application, web site, or your unit. Regardless of the issue is, below, we’ve recommended repairs you need to use to correct the situation your self. 

Tip # 1: Reboot Your unit

The very first and simplest trick you need to try to correct the matter of Instagram perhaps not publishing in your unit is always to reboot your phone. Whenever you reboot your device, it closes all programs operating. Therefore, in the event that issue is together with your unit or Instagram encountered a mistake, rebooting your unit should fix any problem you’re experiencing.

Tip no. 2: lessen the File Size

A quite typical explanation many individuals can’t upload on Instagram is the fact that file they would like to upload is simply too large. While images and videos on Instagram appear to be in ultra HD, Instagram has a group limitation for file sizes. The most size for pictures on Instagram is 1936 x 1936 pixels, as well as for videos is 1080 pixels and a length of 3 to 60 moments. In the event that file you intend to upload exceeds this restriction, you need to reduce it. 

Tip # 3: check always Your web connection

Instagram requires a powerful and stable web connection to operate. Therefore, if you should be experiencing trouble posting on Instagram, always check your web connection to ascertain in case it is active. If you should be certainly linked yet experiencing problems, switch on Airplane Mode and turn it well; it’ll refresh the connection, and maybe it could repair the problem. 

Tip # 4: Uninstall and Reinstall the App

If the problem is a bit more severe, you may have to uninstall the Instagram application and reinstall it. To simplify the method, start the software shop in your unit, be it App shop, Enjoy shop, or Windows Store, discover the Instagram application, simply click “Uninstall”, then touch “Install” to have it straight back in your unit. 

Tip # 5: Change Data Settings

Because Instagram needs to install many pictures and videos, it consumes lots of information. To greatly help save information use, some individuals put a data limitation for the Instagram application. As soon as information usage reaches that restriction, the Instagram application will not work; thus you can’t upload onto it. To repair this problem, visit your Settings, faucet “Data Usage”, and disable the info saver or replace the information restriction for the Instagram application. 

Tip # 6: Clear the Cache 

Instagram saves lots of cache files in your unit, and that’s why it seems such as the application is really so seamless to use. But this cache file can also be why you can’t upload on Instagram. Ergo, you need to visit your Settings and clear the cache apply for the Instagram application. But, it’s well worth noting that clearing cache files will never delete your Instagram files or account. 

Tip # 7: eliminate Third-Party Apps

If you’re logged into the Instagram application via a third-party application, maybe it’s the reason why you can’t upload. These third-party apps are such a thing from apps you installed to truly save pictures and videos to apps you install to have followers and likes. Whichever third-party application you’ve got associated with your account, you need to remove your account as a result and delete it. 

Tip #8: take back Device storage space

Finally, in the event that you don’t have sufficient storage area in your unit, you won’t have the ability to upload on Instagram. Therefore, clear up some space in your unit by deleting videos and programs you will no longer utilize. Additionally, search for big files and delete them aswell. 

Still Doesn’t Work?

If you’ve got done every thing above and are usually nevertheless perhaps not yet in a position to upload on Instagram, verify that there clearly was any restriction in your account or you are breaking any Instagram terms of usage.


If you’ll find down why you can’t upload on Instagram, you’re one step ahead in repairing the situation. Even as we have actually highlighted in this guide, the reason why you can’t upload on Instagram determines ways to fix the matter. Certainly, Instagram has advantages and disadvantages, you will be able to upload your preferred images and videos when you like. 

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