Why Does My Sound Bar Keep Cutting Out?

Sound Bar

Bluetooth Interference


Method #1

Method #2

  1. Poor Cable/Wire Connection
    • Solution
      • Aging Components
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  2. Summary
    • Bluetooth Interference
  3. The cordless soundbars typically connect with other products making use of
    • Bluetooth or WiFi technology
  4. . WiFi-enabled soundbars have high bandwidth frequency capability to make certain smooth and seamless connections with reduced disturbance.

Bluetooth-enabled soundbars, having said that, aren’t therefore infallible. They’ve more drawbacks and so are less efficient in comparison to their WiFi counterparts.

Bluetooth disturbance the most typical factors behind soundbars cutting out. Fortunately, several connectivity choices are for sale to your soundbars, like HDMI slot, coaxial slot, etc.Info

It is very simple to troubleshoot

Bluetooth Interference as a reason of one’s

soundbar cutting out

. To work on this, note as soon as your soundbar is eliminating. Could it be only once your soundbar is linked via Bluetooth, or if it is linked via HDMI or WiFi. If yes, when linked via Bluetooth, you’ve got your solution, and when no, the situation could be more profound.SolutionsThere is not any standard fix for Bluetooth interference in your soundbar. Nevertheless, you can find tips about ways to effortlessly reduce it.

Method #1

If your soundbar has an alternative connectivity choice, tryconnecting to your television via any available choices and switch off Bluetooth.

In case the

soundbar keeps cutting out as a result of Bluetooth Interference, this should have the desired effect.Method #2By minimizing Bluetooth Interference. To do this, make an effort to remove every other Bluetooth unit through the space. Instead, you are able to turn them down or

disable their Bluetooth connection

if at all possible.If your soundbar is not even close to your television, replace the placement to make certain it’sn’t a lot more than a foot without any noticeable obstruction.Poor Cable/Wire ConnectionIf it’sn’t Bluetooth Interference, another most likely reason why your soundbar keeps eliminating is poorly linked cables or wires


The wired connection in the middle of your soundbar and television needs to be clean and company. If this really isn’t the scenario, sound production through the soundbar probably will cut fully out usually.

In addition, wired connection making use of low quality cables may also cause your soundbar to help keep reducing.SolutionThe option would be easy. Make certain that all wired connections aren’t tangled and

make complete and firm experience of your soundbar’s connection terminals

with a snug fit.

If your soundbar’s problem is a result of low quality cables, we suggest that you exchange the cables with higher quality ones.

whenever you intend to update your old cable, you need to opt for those generated by your soundbar’s maker or other reputable manufacturers. Decide to try whenever possible in order to avoid unlabeled and cheaper cable choices.Aging ElementsAs with every other electronic appliance, time will inform in your soundbar. As your soundbar many years, its interior elements – capacitors, resistors, circuitry, etc., begin to burn off and degrade.

When these elements age, they perform sub-optimally; you’ll have actually to start out coping with connection falls, interruptions, or bad sound quality. Fundamentally, you begin observing that your particular soundbar keeps eliminating frequently.


If the situation is due to your soundbar’s old or worn-out elements, what you would like doing is go to see a site professional.

So, the damaged components could be changed dependent on just how exhausted the elements are. The board housing the elements may also need to be changed.

Either means, you’ll have an operating and healthy soundbar sooner or later. Plus, it is cheaper than getting an alternative and decreases waste.


This brief guide has talked about different reasons your soundbar keeps eliminating. It may be Bluetooth disturbance, bad cable/wires connection, or old interior elements.

We hope that we’ve been in a position to assist you to diagnose and fix your soundbar eliminating to enable you to quickly come back to playing your chosen music/video with no interruptions.

A soundbar is amongst the cheapest & most simple options for including quality noise to a property movie theater or activity system. As the soundbar’s audio quality is probably not much like a regular home entertainment system, it greatly compensates because of this negative using its cost tag.

However, inspite of the several benefits associated with soundbar, often our soundbar could begin eliminating sound production, destroying the entertainment experience.

Fortunately, we’ve come up with this brief guide to enlighten you in the possible reasons your soundbar keeps eliminating sound production and feasible solutions.

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