Why Is My iPhone Losing Battery While Charging?

  • Unlike older generation battery pack technologies, iPhone batteries are built with lithium-ion, which charges quicker and has now a greater energy thickness. Ergo, once you plug your iPhone into an electrical supply, its anticipated to have recharged somewhat within a few momemts. But returning to get the battery drained could make you asking, exactly why is my iPhone losing battery pack while charging you? Quick responseThe most typical explanation your iPhone may be losing battery pack while charging you might be making use of an
  • incorrect or defective energy adapter or cable

    . A defective asking port, running power-intensive apps, or having optimized billing enabled could additionally cause this problem. And perhaps, maybe it’s that your particular iPhone

    battery is bad

    or your iPhone misread the battery pack capability. 

    If you might be experiencing this problem, there are some troubleshooting tricks you can test down to identify the fault. This informative article describes more about why your iPhone may be losing battery pack while charging you and exactly how you’ll repair it. 

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