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Modem LED Icons and Their Functions





  1. WPS
    • Upstream (US)
    • Downstream (DS)
    • DSL/COAX
    • What Do the Modem Light Colors suggest?
    • Green
    • Blue
    • Orange or Yellow
    • Red
  2. Blinking Modem LED Lights
  3. Blinking Power Light
    • Blinking Web Light
    • Blinking WiFi/WLAN Light
    • Blinking Upstream Light
  4. Blinking Downstream Light
    • Blinking WPS Light
    • Blinking DSL/COAX Light
    • Summary
    • Modem LED Icons and Their Functions
    • Modem designs eventually rely on the maker. As the Light-emitting Diode icons may vary from a single modem to a different, listed here are a few of the most typical LED icons you will discover of all modems. 
    • Power
    • There is barely any modem that doesn’t have actually the ability symbol. The energy symbol shows that the modem was switched on and it is working. Unless the modem is defective, you will observe the Light-emitting Diode indicator energy light once you switch on your modem.
  5. Internet

The internet sign is employed to express internet connectivity. Whenever your modem is operating and contains a dynamic internet subscription, the net icon shows it. Online icon is normally represented by a planet with a ring around it.


This frequently shows which you have actually linked a wired outside device towards the modem through the Ethernet slot. 


The WiFi icon represents WiFi connectivity. The Light-emitting Diode indicator signifies the effectiveness of the WiFi connection.


This symbol shows whether or not the modem is attached to a tool suitable for WPS.

Upstream (US)

This symbol means the modem is uploading or delivering information towards the internet. 

Downstream (DS)

This symbol means the modem is getting or receiving information through the web.


This symbol shows whether or not the modem is attached to the neighborhood supplier through a Coaxial cable (COAX) or an electronic digital Subscriber Line (DSL).

What Perform some Modem Light Colors Mean?

The Light-emitting Diode indicators in your modem frequently show various colors with regards to the situation. The ultimate way to interpret these colors is always to

read the manufacturer’s manual,

which frequently provides an in depth description regarding the Light-emitting Diode indicators therefore the meaning behind each color. 

Understanding exactly what the colors represent will allow you to troubleshoot prospective conditions that could arise later on. The most frequent colors on internet modems are:


once you see a green indicator on some of the Light-emitting Diode icons, you have to know that all things are going efficiently while the modem doesn’t have dilemmas. A green LED light in the energy symbol means the modem was driven effectively. For other Light-emitting Diode icons, it may also express a solid net connection, active WiFi connection, confirmed pairing with another unit, active Ethernet, etc.Blue

Blue light isn’t since typical as one other colors. But, once you understand blue indicator light on some of the Light-emitting Diode icons in your modem, the feasible interpretation is a firmware upgrade is in progress. 

You may also see blue lights in certain modems when they’re attempting to set with another unit. Often, blue light indicators are started up whenever a phone call is in progress. 

Orange or Yellow

Like traffic signals, green is great, while yellowish means a warning. With respect to the Light-emitting Diode symbol, a yellow light may suggest a warning to accomplish one thing before it becomes an issue or that the modem is certainly going through an activity that needs sometime and persistence to accomplish if your wanting to may use your modem typically.


Red means danger. Once you understand red indicator light, this means there clearly was a fault or issue, and also you need certainly to correct it. A red indicator in your energy symbol means the battery pack is low and has to be charged. 

For modems without backups, red energy lights frequently suggest that it’s perhaps not firmly attached to the socket. Red indicators on other Light-emitting Diode icons additionally mean there clearly was an issue you’ll want to troubleshoot.

Blinking Modem LED Lights

The LED lights are available in three groups. Either the light-emitting diode light is stable, blinking, or entirely deterred. 

Although you may think security is great,

the color of this light fundamentally determines whether or not the message is a great or bad sign.

While a well balanced green light shows that the modem is in good shape and contains no problems, a well balanced red light means the opposite and requires troubleshooting. 

Also, once the lights are entirely deterred, it either means the modem will not be driven on or perhaps is damaged.

Let’s talk about the meaning regarding the blinking indicator light for every Light-emitting Diode symbol.

Blinking Power LightThe modem is undergoing an update. In the event that red light is blinking, this implies that the battery pack is low and really should link to an electric supply.Blinking Internet Light

The modem could be having difficulty linking towards the internet, and also you may want to reboot the modem. 

Blinking WiFi/WLAN Light

once the WLAN indicator flashes, it shows an active information transmission between connected products.

Blinking Upstream Light

This ensures that your modem is wanting in order to connect towards the regional provider before it may upload one thing towards the web.

Blinking Downstream Light

The modem is wanting in order to connect towards the regional provider before it can install one thing from the web.

Blinking WPS Light

If the indicator light color is orange or red, this means the modem is wanting unsuccessfully in order to connect to a WPS-compatible unit.

Blinking DSL/COAX Light

once the light blinks gradually, the modem continues to be looking for your internet service provider’s community. In the event that blinking is quick, your modem is wanting to determine a connection.


The simplest way to comprehend why your modem is blinking is always to learn the manual through the maker since the solution that actually works for starters modem could be distinctive from another modem as a result of the manufacturer’s unique design. 

Dining table of articles

Although modems generally speaking provide equivalent function, their design varies in line with the maker. Modems have actually various sets of indicator lights, each color having various definitions. Most users recognize that while a green light in your modem may represent something good, a red light frequently shows a fault or an issue.

Quick Answer

Blinking modems never always express one thing terrible. Often, blinking lights indicate that the modem is transmitting information or pairing with another unit. Once you notice your modem blinking, learn the colour regarding the Light-emitting Diode indicator light while the Light-emitting Diode symbol that will help you realize the explanation for the blinking light and whether you’ll want to troubleshoot.

In this informative article, we will talk about the most typical LED icons on a modem and their functions. We shall additionally give an explanation for meaning regarding the Light-emitting Diode indicator lights for every color. Finally, we are going to explain exactly what the blinking light opportinity for each Light-emitting Diode symbol.

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