Why Is My Mouse Cursor Not Showing on Chrome?

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Google Chrome could be the selection of web browser for most, for the reason that it’s fast and user-friendly and is sold with lots of features. Nonetheless, in some instances, small lags can cause tiny dilemmas just like the mouse cursor maybe not showing on Chrome.

Your cursor vanishing could be extremely confusing if it really works every where except the internet web browser. Therefore if you’re facing one thing comparable, don’t stress; it is quite simple to fix.

This article covers why your mouse cursor isn’t showing on Chrome and exactly how you are able to fix this dilemma.

  1. Disappearing Mouse Cursor in Chrome
  2. How to correct Mouse Cursor perhaps not Showing on Chrome
    • Fix number 1: Kill Chrome & Restart
    • Fix # 2: make use of the chrome://restart Command
    • Fix # 3: Disable/Enable Hardware Acceleration
    • Fix # 4: Update the Browser
    • Fix # 5: Update the motorists
    • Fix # 6: Disable Tablet Mode
  3. Summary
  4. Frequently expected concerns

Disappearing Mouse Cursor in Chrome

It is normal for the mouse cursor never to appear in Chrome in some instances. Often, Chrome would like to conceal the cursor, like whenever you’re streaming a movie or viewing a video clip on your own favorite platform. This is certainly in order that there are not any interruptions whenever you’re viewing your preferred show. 

But for those who have a touchscreen laptop computer, you could also see your cursor vanishing whenever you change to touchscreen mode. It is because Chrome will get confused about whether it will show the cursor or otherwise not considering that the touchscreen does not require a cursor. Your cursor may also disappear completely as a result of Chrome’s automatic equipment acceleration choices that boost the device’s speed.

This issue does not take place on a desktop computer or you use a wired mouse and keyboard along with your touchscreen laptop computer. However it is fairly typical in touchscreen products, including tablets to 360-degrees rotating laptops.

Other feasible good reasons for the mouse cursor’s disappearance are outdated motorists, caches, corrupt or lacking system files, and abnormally-behaving peripherals.

How To repair Mouse Cursor perhaps not Showing on Chrome

The mouse cursor maybe not showing on Chrome is a very common issue, and there are numerous simple repairs because of it.

Fix no. 1: Kill Chrome & Restart

In many instances, just killing the web browser through the task supervisor and restarting it may resolve the issue.

To achieve this, right here’s everything you must do:

  1. Launch the Task Manager.
  2. Select Google Chrome processes from record of operating tasks.
  3. Press End task for every single of them.

Doing therefore will end all current Google Chrome processes, also those within the history. Double-check the job supervisor to make sure there are no further Chrome procedures, and relaunch Chrome. The situation should now be fixed.


This is a short-term fix. It’s also quite tiresome to destroy most of the operating threads, nonetheless it does recreate the cursor.

Fix # 2: make use of the chrome://restart Command

It could be annoying to visit the job supervisor, destroy the procedure, and relaunch Chrome every time the cursor vanishes. One good way to avoid this really is using Chrome’s restart function to relaunch the web browser without needing the job supervisor. Merely enter chrome://restart to the web browser to restart the web browser. You may also bookmark the Address and touch on it whenever the cursor prevents showing.


Make certain you conserve everything before restarting the web browser. As soon as you hit restart, most of the running extensions and tabs is closed, and unsaved work is lost. 

Fix # 3: Disable/Enable Hardware Acceleration

Chrome has a pre-built hardware acceleration feature that is in charge of the browser’s smooth functionality. It helps enhance its display performance. Since equipment acceleration influences the touchscreen display, trackpad, keyboard, etc., allowing or disabling it can benefit fix the cursor problem.

Note you will need to take to both choices to see just what works for you personally. For a few, disabling the function fixed the difficulties, although some had make it possible for it to guarantee the cursor didn’t fade away.

To enable/disable the hardware acceleration function in Chrome, right here’s what you ought to do:

  1. Launch Chrome and visit Settings.
  2. At the base of the web page, you’ll find Advanced Settings. Simply click on that.
  3. Scroll down seriously to the System section, and discover the option: Use equipment acceleration whenever available. Enable or disable it considering what realy works for the system. You may also click the Relaunch option.

Fix no. 4: Update the Browser

In some situations, an outdated web browser also can result in the cursor to disappear completely, and bug repairs within the brand new revision can resolve the issue.

To improve your web browser:

  1. Launch the web browser and then click regarding the three straight dots.
  2. Go to Assistance and then About Bing Chrome.
  3. Once you click on that, you will observe if there’s a pending revision or when your web browser is up-to-date.

Fix no. 5: Update the motorists

Outdated keyboard and mouse motorists also can result in the mouse cursor disappear on Chrome both in Mac and Windows.

To upgrade the motorists:

  1. Launch the Run dialog box.
  2. Open the Device Manager by typing in devmgmt.msc and pressing Enter.
  3. You will now see an inventory. Find and then click on Mice as well as other pointing products. Then search for the mouse you’re utilizing.
  4. Right-click on it and choose Update Driver.

Fix no. 6: Disable Tablet Mode

If you have got a touchscreen laptop computer, then your Tablet Mode in Windows 10 can be accountable for your cursor vanishing in Chrome. Therefore, you are able to quickly recreate your cursor by disabling the tablet mode.

Here’s exactly how you are able to do that:

  1. You’ll see a message-shaped logo design in the bottom right of one’s taskbar. Click it to start the Action Center.
  2. Disable the Tablet Mode.
  3. Restart your laptop computer to see in the event that issue is remedied.


If your mouse cursor works every where except when searching on Chrome, there’s nothing to concern yourself with. At this point you understand why it takes place and exactly how you are able to correct it.

Remember why these repairs are merely short-term, and also you may need to take to those hateful pounds to use the one that works for you personally until Bing releases a permanent fix.

Frequently Expected concerns

Why can’t we begin to see the mouse cursor on my Chromebook?

You could have unintentionally powered down the touchpad. All you have to do is switch it on to repair the issue.

How do we fix a disappearing cursor?

You could have deterred your mouse if you’re utilizing a laptop. You can test switching it right back on by making use of Fn and F11, F9, F5, or F3 on your own keyboard. It’s likely you have to relate to your laptop’s manual to obtain the proper combination. 

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