Why Is Your Keyboard Lagging?

Dining table of articles

  1. Reasons for Keyboard Lagging
    • Reason no. 1: Filter Keys
    • Reason number 2: Corrupt Keyboard Driver
    • Reason no. 3: Delay in Keyboard qualities 
    • Reason number 4: Unknown Error 
    • Reason number 5: Error in Windows Image 
    • Reason number 6: bad Connection or Batteries
  2. Conclusion

Reasons for Keyboard Lagging

If you’re making use of Windows 10 or 11, keyboard lags are typical. These mistakes or delays can be very annoying and restrict your work. Hence, check out problems that could cause your keyboard to lag along side repairs:

Reason no. 1: Filter Keys

An accessibility or help choice that will disregard the keystrokes and repeated inputs from your own keyboard is recognized as Filter Keys. Filter secrets can postpone the input from your own keyboard, particularly if you type quicker compared to the normal rates. Filter secrets may also affect the keyboard’s duplicated prices. 

Fixing the Issue

Filter secrets is one particular cause to ruin your keyboard’s typing speed and sluggishness. You can turn fully off this method to prevent delays and sluggishness. Here’s how exactly to turn fully off the filter secrets and verify that the issue continues. 

  1. Open “Settings” through the Start menu and head to “Ease of Access”
  2. Find and tap the “Keyboard” section through the right-side menu into the “Ease of Access” menu
  3. right here, there is the “Use of Filter Keys”. Touch to make down this method. 

Reason number 2: Corrupt Keyboard Driver

Keyboard motorists must certanly be updated in Windows— no matter whether you’re making use of Windows 10/11. The motorists into the system will choose the keyboard’s performance. Often, in the event that motorists are outdated, the keyboard will lag through the typing and also cause delays. Outdated motorists can additionally cause disruptions into the interaction between equipment and pc software.  

Fixing the Issue

A simple treatment for this dilemma is upgrading the motorist or reinstalling them utilising the unit supervisor. Here’s how exactly to take action seamlessly:

  1. Tap on Win+R and type “Devmgmt.msc” to start the Device Manager in your laptop or desktop computer. 
  2. Once the unit Manager starts, search for the “Keyboards” choice
  3. Tap to grow the choice, right-click regarding the motorist and then click on “Update Driver” to download the most recent variation. 


You can click Uninstall Device to delete the present motorist and then click “Scan for Hardware Changes” to put in once again. 

Reason no. 3: Delay in Keyboard Properties 

If you appear during the keyboard properties, there is going to be two settings called Perform Delay and Repeat Rate. Both these settings may cause delays in typing rate, increasing the wait. The Perform wait will decelerate the typing of duplicated letters. The production repetition price is modified through the Repeat price. If you’re dealing with any delays while typing— especially through the duplicated production— remember to adjust the rates through the Keyboard qualities. Here’s tips on how to get it done: 

Fixing the Issue

  1. Press Win+R and type “Control Keyboard“. Or perhaps you can go directly to the Search club and type “keyboard” to start the “Keyboard Properties.” 
  2. Adjust the “Perform Delay” to a minimum and “Repeat Rate” to your maximum to cut back the lag. 

Reason number 4: Unknown mistake 

Sometimes any unknown mistake— which you can’t identify even with attempting most of the above solutions— can cause keyboard delays and sluggishness during typing. Whilst the issue is unknown, you can’t do just about anything but run the troubleshooter for the keyboard.  

Fixing the Issue

Here’s how you are able to run the troubleshoot for Keyboard in Windows 11:

  1. Open Settings and then head to “Troubleshoot” > “Additional troubleshooters”
  2. Tap regarding the keyboard to perform the troubleshooter to identify the issue. 

Reason number 5: Error in Windows Image 

Windows Image can experience some mistakes that may cause an interruption into the normal functioning of equipment attached to the Computer. A bad image is detected and addressed utilising the System File Checker (SFC)

Fixing the Issue

You can also make use of the DISM, a command-line administrator-level tool to fix the Windows Image. You can fix the mistake for keyboard input lag and try to find the mistakes that can cause this matter. Because sometimes, the device File Checker cannot identify the mistakes and fix the matter, DISM can help you. 

Run the Command Prompt, key in the next commands, and let the DISM complete the process

Reason number 6: bad Connection or Batteries

Wired keyboards can are amiss if the cable is damaged— but the cordless keyboard can experience lag and sluggishness in the event that connection is bad. Here’re some conditions that can decelerate the keyboard input:

Battery Issues 

If the battery pack of one’s cordless keyboard is drained or next to end— it could experience sluggishness during typing. 

Poor connectivity

Sometimes, poor people connectivity— caused because of big distance between your keyboard and USB receiver— can restrict the syncing regarding the unit and keyboard. 

Fixing the Issue

Replace the batteries over time and maintain the correct connection between your keyboard plus the USB receiver to remove these problems. 


Keyboard lags and perform delays can restrict your projects routine. You can find high chances that you’ll get irritated utilizing the sluggish reaction of keyboard input— because the typed input will show regarding the display screen with 3 to 5-second delays. We’ve detailed six typical conditions that could cause delays into the keyboard’s input and fixes to resolve each problem.  

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