Why Isn’t My AirPods Microphone Working?

  1. How To Fix an AirPods Mic That’s not working
    • Fix # 1: Ensure the AirPods Are Charged 
    • Fix # 2: Restart Your iPhone 
    • Fix number 3: Ensure the Microphone Is Clean 
    • Fix # 4: Reset and Reconnect the AirPods 
    • Fix # 5: browse the Microphone Settings
  2. Conclusion 

How To Fix an AirPods Mic That’s no more working

Sometimes once your product is in Low power Mode, it may hinder the standard working of your AirPods, causing the microphone to finish working. Along with in other situations, possibly it is that your particular specific AirPods are malfunctioning because of the equalizer in your device.

So, regardless of description is that makes your AirPods mic are amiss, listed below are some tricks you can try to fix the problem. 

Fix # 1: Ensure the AirPods Are Charged 

One of the very most typical reasons your AirPods microphone stops working is because they truly are not charged enough. Once your AirPods battery power is low, they can start misbehaving, mainly utilizing the microphone. If you weren’t making time for the battery power level whilst it finished up being low, it could be seemingly a crucial problem the moment the battery is dead, and the microphone stops working.

So, check your iPhone to see in case AirPods remain connected; if you do not, this means the AirPods are off. Or even better, reunite the AirPods to your charging example to allow them to have enough ability to function frequently. If you possibly could, enable the AirPods to charge in the event for at least half an hour before you try them once more. 

Fix # 2: Restart Your iPhone 

Sometimes, the specific situation could be from your product as opposed to the AirPods. The AirPods software motorist in your iPhone or Mac could have seen an error so in retrospect the microphone stopped working. In these circumstances, restarting your product will be the fastest way to get things right back ready to go. 

To restart your iPhone, press and support the power switch for 5 moments or prior to the power slider appears. Slide the capability slider to your right, and press the vitality switch once more to power on the iPhone. 

Fix # 3: Ensure the Microphone Is Clean 

It could be your AirPods microphone isn’t working because something is blocking the microphone port. Therefore, examine the AirPods to see if anything is considering that the microphone slot. You can find the microphone slot throughout the end from the stem close to your jaws. 

If the slot seems clogged with dirt, lint, or grime, or there clearly was some worldwide matter, really very carefully clean it. You should utilize a dry cotton swab to scrub the microphone ports or a soft-bristled brush to eliminate the debris. 

Fix # 4: Reset and Reconnect the AirPods 

Another thing you can certainly do is disconnect the AirPods from your iPhone and reconnect it. Or maybe it’s also possible to you will have to reset your AirPods; perhaps that’ll fix the specific situation. 

To reset your AirPods place them in the charging instance, close to the lid, then keep them for 30 moments. Along With On Your Own iPhone, available the Settings app, then simply click on “Bluetooth”. Turn the Bluetooth option off, and then click the “i” icon beside your AirPods title. Simply click “Forget this device” and validate the action. Next, search for Bluetooth items close by, touch in your AirPods, and reconnect for them. 

Fix # 5: browse the Microphone Settings

You additionally needs to take a look at microphone settings in your iPhone for the AirPods. Understand that there clearly was a microphone both in AirPods, but by standard, they truly are designed to work with one in the optimal earbud. You can specify which earbud microphone you constantly need to use. But also for the most truly effective result, you will need to allow AirPods switch microphones instantly.

To check which settings you’ve got in your AirPods, launch the Settings app then simply click on “Bluetooth”. Find your AirPods through the Bluetooth device list and touch in the “i” icon next to the name. Select “Microphone”, in addition to in the “Microphone” page, simply click immediately switch AirPods, set it to switch AirPods instantly, then utilize the AirPods once more. 

Keep in Mind

If you may be utilizing an iOS 16 or later version, you can access your AirPods settings through the Settings app; tap into the AirPods marketing or the “i” icon beside your AirPods name.


Overall, in case problem continues after trying everything we highlighted in this article, possibly it is your specific AirPods are faulty. Particularly if the AirPods are presented as mounted on your iPhone, you can’t utilize the microphone for almost any such thing, including calls, recording, or saying a command. 

You should contact Apple’s help to see if you are qualified for a repair or replacement. Some forms of Apple AirPods meet the requirements free of charge services for sound problems. When you’ve got an AppleCare guarantee, you get an alternative AirPods which could simply take about a week to complete. 

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