Why Won’t My Apple Watch Turn On?

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The Apple Watch show has constantly supplied its users with unrivaled smartwatch experiences. Nonetheless, that will not ensure it is perfect, particularly when the powering and booting mechanisms are considered. 

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If your Apple Watch is not booting up, the initial step is always to perform a force reboot. If that does not work, checking the billing system is in play. Finally, particular troubleshooting options will be your lifesaver such cases.

Nonetheless, numerous facets could be accountable for messing together with your Apple Watch. Luckily for us, many of these are solvable by using some troubleshooting. 

This guide will highlight how exactly to fix the Apple Watch that’s not powering on. The method is long, so that you should seriously consider each step of the process. 

  1. Diagnosing the Apple view Not switching On Issue
    • Reason no. 1: computer software Crash
    • Reason number 2: Screen Curtain
    • Reason # 3: No Battery
    • Reason no. 4: Hardware Related Issues
  2. Recommended Solution
  3. Conclusion

Diagnosing the Apple view Not switching On Issue

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As mentioned, multiple facets could be accountable for causing this matter. As you could invest the excess time and energy to discover the cause, it is generally speaking easier to place your whole concentrate on the repairing component rather. It is because the causes become apparent throughout the repairing/resetting processes. 

Check out of the factors and their repairs below.

Reason number 1: Software Crash

The most frequent cause for the Apple Watch perhaps not switching on could be the frequent crashes that are included with these devices up to now. Although it’s Apple’s duty to correct these through the back end, certain bugs/errors nevertheless have the ability to move across the standard assurance checks.

Your Apple Watch is probable dealing with such a problem causing it to appear blank. Interestingly, your unit may be regarding the whole time, but you’ll simply be in a position to see a black display just like its powered-off state. 

A hard reset is normally the ideal solution for such situations. Keep the Digital Crown while the side button before the Apple Watch logo design kinds regarding the display. 


If your Apple Watch just isn’t giving an answer to a difficult reset, go on it to a repair center. The fix team will re-install a fresh form of the watchOS within it to correct your issue.

Reason number 2: Screen Curtain

Blank Apple Watch

The Screen Curtain is an elusive function contained in the Apple Watch which allows users to work their unit only using sound commands. The display turns totally blank, rendering it appear to be the Apple Watch is down. 

However, this situation is just plausible whenever VoiceOver functionality is ON, so that you can skip ahead if that’s incorrect for the Apple Watch. However, the chances of this example occurring is extremely high, so that it’s suggested to test it irrespective. 

right here is ways to disable the Screen Curtain regarding the Watch application of one’s iPhone. 

  1. Click in the “General” tab and mind to “Accessibility“.
  2. Locate and choose the “VoiceOver” category.
  3. Disable the button switch for the VoiceOver feature in the event that you don’t wish to make use of it.
  4. Scroll down and touch the “Screen Curtain” to show it well.

Once done, you’ll be able to see your display start. If that will not happen, think about doing a hard reboot

Reason # 3: No Battery

Another predominant reason for this matter is low energy. Your Apple Watch can enter Power Reserve mode, but also which has its limitations and that can go out. When you haven’t charged your Apple Watch yet, this could be why your unit just isn’t switching in. 

Luckily, the Apple Watch can be built to factor energy loss into its problem mitigation system. Consequently, all you have to do is link it aided by the standard charger, also it must be ready to go very quickly!


If your Apple Watch smells also a little bit during the charging process, then chances are you should disconnect it at the earliest opportunity. Lithium-ion batteries can puff up in a few circumstances, and additional fee could cause them to explode.

Reason no. 4: Hardware Related Issues

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Your Apple Watch is made to factor the day-to-day wear and tear. Nonetheless, particular incidents may be an excessive amount of for the indegent other to manage. For instance, you might’ve bumped it to a surface too much without once you understand. Although it does not take place frequently, the danger continues. 

It may also be due to a surge in electric charge as a result of a faulty charger. This could, generally in most situations, result in the device to stop operating. Nonetheless, the problem is often as straightforward as a little node burning on the logic circuit. 

Regardless of this cause, we recommend you deliver it to AppleCare+ if such an issue happens. As you could you will need to tinker along with it all on your own, you’ll probably attain absolutely nothing and would void your guarantee too.

Unless you’re reasonably knowledgeable about the handling and tinkering of electronic devices, it is better in the event that you let the professionals manage the job. 

Recommended Solution

Apple products aren’t extremely ready to accept the self-repair notion, so most problems need you to see your nearest Apple Service Center quickly. Also, a subscription to AppleCare+ are certain to get your defective unit replaced cost free. 

However, it won’t be addressing any water damage and mold, therefore keep from using it towards the swimming pools whenever you can. 


The technology found in the newest Apple Watch shouldn’t take into account any difficulties with switching the unit on. Nonetheless, if it occurs, you need to proceed with the mentioned steps for troubleshooting. It’s also advisable to contact your nearest Apple provider center rather than trying out the unit all on your own when it comes to failure.

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