Why Won’t My Kindle Fire Turn On?

  1. Reasons Why Kindle Fire Won’t Turn On
  2. Fixing Kindle Fire Not Turning On
    • Method # 1: Soft Resetting Your Kindle Fire
    • Method # 2: recharging Your Kindle Fire
    • Method number 3: Checking the ability Supply Unit and Charger
    • Method no. 4: Factory Resetting Kindle Fire
  3. How in order to avoid Kindle Fire Not switching On Issue
  4. How would you always check Your Kindle Fire Battery wellness?
  5. How are you aware in case the Kindle Battery Needs Replacing?
  6. Summary
  7. Frequently Expected concerns

Reasons Why Kindle Fire Won’t Turn On

Following are several reasons why your Kindle Fire tablet won’t turn on.

Keep in Mind

Kindle Fire may be the previous title for Amazon Fire Tablets. These pills change from Kindle E-readers for reading PDFs, e-books, etc. Fire Tablets are made for basic news usage and that can run apps from Amazon Apps shop. 

Fixing Kindle Fire maybe not Turning On

If you’re wondering why your Kindle Fire won’t turn on and wish to fix this matter, our 4 easy step by step techniques will allow you to understand this work done in virtually no time.

Method # 1: smooth Resetting Your Kindle Fire

Sometimes, your Kindle Fire won’t turn on because of computer software problems that you could resolve by doing a soft reset within the following way.

  1. Press the power switch on your own Kindle Fire for 20 moments.
  2. Wait for 30 seconds.
  3. Press the power button for 20 moments or until your device turns on.

Method number 2: charging you Your Kindle Fire

If your Kindle Fire battery pack is dead, you will need to charge it to show it on within the following way.

  1. Plug your Kindle Fire to the charger.
  2. Wait for at the least 1 hour or 1.5 hours.
  3. Press the power button to discover if your Kindle Fire turns on.

Method no. 3: Checking the ability Supply Unit and Charger

If your power device is damaged or the charger isn’t working, your Kindle Fire tablet will perhaps not get adequate energy and won’t start. To solve the ability supply problem, follow these guidelines.

  1. Switch to the main power through the expansion board.
  2. Check the power supply device and see in case it is damaged.
  3. Check the charger for almost any damage and replace it.
  4. Clean the recharging port on the tablet to discover if it’s working properly. If you don’t, change the recharging slot.
  5. If you utilize an invisible charger, eliminate any interfering device.


Avoid billing your Kindle Fire in incredibly hot or cold areas, as it can certainly harm the battery pack, neglecting to turn on.

Method no. 4: Factory Resetting Kindle Fire

Software glitches or corrupted files regarding the unit can freeze your Kindle Fire tablet. Because of this, it won’t work, switch on, or show a black display. Factory reset your device when you can reach the healing display to eliminate the problem by after the actions below.

  1. Press and keep the power and amount buttons simultaneously before the Recovery screen seems.
  2. Use the volume button and head to “Rub Data/Factory Reset”.
  3. Press the power button to verify the reset process to discover in case your Kindle Fire are able to turn in now.

Quick Suggestion

If your Kindle Fire is still perhaps not switching in, you will need to exchange the battery. For interior hardware harm, you’re going to have to obtain it fixed. 

If your Kindle Fire is under warranty, you will get a free of charge fix solution by calling the Fire Tablet assistance web page.

How In order to avoid Kindle Fire Not switching On Issue

How Would you check always Your Kindle Fire Battery wellness?

If you need to always check your Kindle Fire battery life or wellness, follow these actions.

  1. Swipe down through the the surface of the Kindle Fire display.
  2. Tap “More” to go to “Settings”.
  3. Tap “Device”, and you may get the life of the battery pack in portion.

How Are You Aware If The Kindle Battery Needs Replacing?

The after indications suggest you need to supercede your Kindle Fire battery pack.


This guide talked about why your Kindle Fire wouldn’t turn on and offered detailed step-by-step directions to eliminate the problem. We talked about some suggestions to avoid this matter later on and actions to test your tablet’s battery pack life. We additionally reveal the method that you would understand if you want to change the Kindle Fire battery pack.

Hopefully, using the directions supplied above, it is possible to switch on your Kindle Fire tablet without dealing with further problems.

Frequently Expected concerns

How long do Kindle Fires last?

The 7th Generation Kindle Fire tablet battery pack is 2980 mA⋅h and that can endure up to 8 hours.

How very long does a dead Kindle Fire try switch on?

A Kindle Fire which has been switched off for a short period usually takes a few minutes to show right back on. 

If the Fire tablet is switched off for an extended time, it could take up to an hour to reverse on while recharging.

What generation is my Fire Tablet?

To get the generation of your Fire tablet, head to “Settings” and get the “Device” option. Your unit model is detailed under “About Fire Tablet” or “Device Model”.

Is a Kindle Fire an Android?

A Kindle Fire is a tablet unit that operates on the Fire OS, which can be the fork regarding the Android operating-system. The unit are produced by Amazon and they are well-known for their affordability and number of features. But, it doesn’t get access to the Google Enjoy Store or other Google solutions.

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