Why Won’t My Xbox Controller Turn On?

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  1. Why Won’t My Xbox Controller Turn On?
    • Battery connections
    • Play and Charge Cable
    • Intervened Firmware Updates
    • Inner Hardware Problems 
  2. Turning On Xbox Controller
    • Method number 1: eliminate and Reinstall Batteries
    • Method no. 2: Inspect Battery connections
    • Method number 3: Investigate Xbox Controller Enjoy and Charge Cable
    • Method number 4: Don’t Interrupt Xbox Firmware Update
    • Method number 5: decide to try Wired Connection
  3. Contacting Xbox Customer Support Team
  4. Summary
  5. Frequently expected concerns

Why Won’t My Xbox Controller start?

The following would be the few common reasons your Xbox controller won’t switch on.

Battery Associates

Worn-out battery contacts or people bent way too much could be why your Xbox controller won’t switch on. Likewise, the issue will stay in the event that batteries aren’t in appropriate contact because of any explanation. 

Play and Charge Cable

Your Play and Charge cable might look A-okay from the surface, however it could be the reason behind the matter. The cables will get damaged through the inside or can malfunction because of normal use. 

Intervened Firmware Updates

A corrupted firmware make the system non-functional and neglect to turn on.

Inner Hardware issues 

There may be some internal equipment dilemmas preventing an Xbox controller from switching in. Seeing no lights or a flickering one could be among the indications of interior breakage.

Turning On Xbox Controller

An Xbox controller that won’t turn in might be extremely irritating for the gamers. Our step by step guidelines can make life possible for you to definitely make contact with video gaming very quickly. 

right here are 5 practices you can test to troubleshoot the gaming console controller. 

Method # 1: eliminate and Reinstall Batteries

Utilize the following actions to eliminate and reinstall the batteries to eliminate the matter because of the Xbox controller that won’t work.

  1. Open the controller address and take away the batteries through the slot. 
  2. Analyze if these are typically precisely set up. 
  3. Reinstall them precisely and verify that the controller turns in. 
  4. If the matter continues, restart your Xbox controller by pushing the key in the center of the controller to start the Power Center, then choose “Restart“.


Install brand new batteries and duplicate the aforementioned actions in the event that you nevertheless encounter the problem.

Method no. 2: Inspect Battery connections

Battery contacts for Xbox controllers are constructed of metal tabs which could flex if exorbitant force is used while setting up the batteries. Additionally, these battery pack connections can likewise weaken with time. 

Follow these steps to conquer the problem.

  1. Open the battery pack address to test the connections.
  2. If they truly are curved, utilize a screwdriver to adjust the angle carefully. 


Do not adjust the connections even though the batteries are set up. Don’t use additional force while installing batteries; otherwise, seek professional assistance.

Method number 3: Investigate Xbox Controller Enjoy and Charge Cable

A issue because of the Xbox controller Play and Charge kit can result in the Xbox controller failing woefully to switch on. To correct the matter, take a good look at these actions.

  1. Double-check in the event that Xbox controller Play and Charge cable are properly linked on both ends.
  2. disconnect the cable and plug it into another USB slot. 
  3. Try a different sort of micro USB cable in the event that issue stays nevertheless. 

Method number 4: Don’t Interrupt Xbox Firmware Update

While the system is setting up an update, please don’t transform it down. Otherwise, the latest firmware are going to be corrupted, leading to various problems because of the controller.

Method number 5: decide to try Wired Connection

If you’re that great problem even though the controller is wirelessly linked to Xbox, decide to try linking it straight to the system.

  1. Purchase a long-wired USB cable.
  2. Connect the controller towards the system because of the USB cable.
  3. Start utilising the controller in wired mode and discover if you’re able to transform it with this time


If the strategy doesn’t work, your system may be having an interior breakage that needs professional support to eliminate the matter.

Contacting Xbox Customer Support Team

If none for the above practices helped you fix Xbox controller dilemmas, you might contact Xbox help for further guidance.

  1. Visit the official Xbox website and demand a call, chat, etc.
  2. Get assistance from their Virtual Agent.
  3. Try searching for assistance from the Disability Agent.


Make certain that your system is under warranty before you make a support demand.  


In this guide about why your Xbox controller won’t switch on, we talked about batteries, battery pack connections, Enjoy and Charge cables, and corrupted firmware once the known reasons for a controller failure. We’ve additionally discussed calling Xbox support if everything else fails. 

We hope that this guide happens to be great for you, and any particular one of this practices helped resolve some of the difficulties with your Xbox controller in the home. Because of the appropriate solutions, you’ll have an uninterrupted video gaming experience.

Frequently Expected concerns

How do we fix broken Xbox controller analog sticks?

You can fix the broken Xbox controller analog sticks using the next directions.

1. Get a screwdriver plus some Q-tips.
2. Crack open the system instance gently.
3. Grab out of the top shelf and start to become careful because of the rumble packages.
4. Dip the Q-tips in rubbing alcohol or water.
5. Eliminate the dust surrounding the sticks.
6. Verify that the metal or synthetic brackets are damaged.
7. If yes, you then have to purchase a fresh controller.

How very long do Xbox controllers last?

Your Xbox controllers can endure for 6 to year, dependent on how frequently you employ them. The people utilized seldom are changed infrequently compared to the people utilized frequently.  

Why won’t my Xbox controller turn fully off?

If your Xbox controller doesn’t turn fully off, proceed with the under actions.

1. Press and keep the Power Button regarding the system for 5 to 8 moments.
2. Hold back until your gaming system turns down entirely.
3. Re-plug the energy cable after five minutes and restart.

Will my Xbox controller focus on a PC?

Many games permit you to play making use of an Xbox controller rather than a keyboard and a mouse. Link your Xbox controller towards the Computer via Bluetooth, micro USB to USB cable, or the Xbox cordless adaptor.

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